Tigers eye green Connemara marble mens bracelet


Tigers eye green Connemara marble mens bracelet
This mens bracelet is made from lovely golden brown 10mmx8mm tigers eye beads of excellent quality and round 8mm Connemara marble beads. There are two Celtic knotwork design beads. It is made on elastic and fits most men’s wrists. It could be made larger or smaller ( perhaps for a woman ) if necessary. Buy 2 and get a reduced price and save on postage.

Over 750 million years old Connemara marble is from the Precambrian age. Connemara marble is a beautiful and unusual marble rich in forsterite olivine and serpentine which gives it its green colour.  Found in the West of Ireland it is Ireland’s most famous stone. It’s green colour symbolises Ireland.  Look closely and you will see shades of olive, peridot, jade, emerald and a host of other greens as well as subtle greys, white and yellow.  Being a natural material no two pieces are ever exactly the same.  Connemara marble reflects the beauty of the Irish landscape and is part of its natural heritage.  Connemara Marble is said to bring serenity to those who keep in near.

Tigers eye
This beautiful stone is formed when crocidolite is replaced by Quartz. It is said to help one see in the dark and reputed to develop insight, perception and decision making powers. It is thought to protect and bring good luck.

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