Long Lapis lazuli silver drop earrings. Irish Scottish gemstone jewellery craft. Irish made Jewelry Ultramarine Blue earrings Blue gemstone


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Gemstone: Lapis lazuli


Long Lapis lazuli silver drop earrings. Irish Gifts for women Made in Ireland. Lapis lazuli earrings Blue earrings Blue gemstone earrings

Really lovely blue lapis lazuli earrings made with and silver plated beads and sterling silver earwires .
The long drops hang approximately 1.2 inches 3cm. See the coins for scale.
Sold in an organza bag with designer tags. Sue Bowden design

Lapis lazuli is named after the Persian lashward meaning blue. It contains blue lazurite as well as white calcite and brassy pyrite.
Ultramarine used in early painting and manuscripts including the Famous Book of Kells was powdered lapis.
It is associated with love and said to stimulate wisdom, insight and good judgement.


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