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Irish fossil limestone Kilkenny marble large heart pendant . Irish Jewellery .Connemara marble’s sister stone. Good luck stones


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Irish fossil limestone Kilkenny marble large heart pendant

When you look at this heart you will see the individual fossil corals. The stone is hand cut and polished giving a lovely natural finish. It is on a cotton waxed cord with a silver plated Celtic bead and it goes over the head. 5cm 1.5 inches across.

Sold in an organza bag with designer tags. Sue Bowden design.

Kilkenny marble is a dark limestone which has been quarried in Kilkenny for hundreds of years. It was formed over 350 million years ago in the Carboniferous age when warm seas covered the area which is now Ireland. Small grey inclusions are fossil corals. Kilkenny, a medieval city is known as the marble city because of the marble which has been used to pave it and build its fine buildings such as the castle and cathedral.


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