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Genuine Baltic Butterscotch egg yolk Amber bracelet.

Really lovely natural butterscotch, egg yolk, Baltic Amber stretch bracelet with a single sterling silver statement bead.

Very classic simple design by Sue Bowden at “All That Glisters” Ireland.
This bracelet is made on stretch elastic and fits most wrists.
It can be made slightly bigger or smaller if necessary. Please contact us.
The Amber is sourced directly from Lithuania on the Baltic and is a lovely buttery egg yolk colour. The Amber pieces are approx 1/2 inch 1.5cm and in their natural form.
See the coins for scale.
Weight of bracelet 14.6g. Weight of sterling silver bead 2.6g leaving 12g minimum for Amber.

Sent in a branded box with tags.

Amber is the fossilised remains of the sap or resin of coniferous trees which lived thousands of years ago in the Baltic region and so is thousands of years old itself. It has a beautiful rich egg yolk, butterscotch colour hence its name. It is a natural resin. If you are lucky you can find it washed up on the shore in the Baltic region as it has a low density and floats easily. It is reputed to have many healing properties.


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